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My name is Susan and I adore food.  I love cooking food, I love reading about food and I love talking about food.  This obsession is not my fault.  I came by it honestly.

I come from a family of foodies, wine and scotch connoisseurs and amazing home cooks.  When you come from a family like that it’s impossible to think passively about food and drink.

As you can imagine holidays are a big deal to my family.  An excuse to cook, eat and drink to excess is something I’m sure every member of my massive family looks forward to a couple of times a year.  But sadly for most of the year we are seperated.  My family is spread across Canada and a few parts of the United States but we all have one place we always return to and that’s the Nova Scotian farm this blog is named for.

About a year ago, when Toronto living was getting to me, I had the idea to could set up a kind of virtual Seafield Farm, where we could continue our discussions about food and booze even when we weren’t together.  Not only is the blog a great way to record  old family recipes and tasty culinary experiments, it also helps me maintain a strong connection with that special piece of land I was lucky enough to grow up on.

I hope you enjoy reading about and eventually tasting the food that has united my family for as long as I can remember.

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